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Nicky Dobree is synonymous with effortless chic.  Having spent the last two decades transforming sumptuous homes across Europe, Nicky launched her first collection of interior and lifestyle essentials a few years ago. Using the finest craftsmen each product has been chosen from the heart.  It is the detail of what you choose to surround yourself with day to day that makes the difference to how you live and to how you feel. This collection of bedlinen, fur throws, cashmere blankets, socks, jumpers and leggings, hot water bottles and leather goods is available to purchase online here. Prices start at £55.

Nicky Dobree Collection


Nicky Dobree Collection

Nicky Dobree Collection Nicky Dobree Collection For sales enquiries call +44 (0)20 7627 0469 or click here.

Nicky’s World – January 2014

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