ART > ‘Elevation 1049: Between Heaven and Hell’, Gstaad, Switzerland

'Elevation 1049: Between Heaven and Hell', Gstaad

Exhibition curators, artist Olympia Scarry and her curator partner Neville Wakefield

There is plenty to be said about the international ski scene in the Swiss resort of Gstaad. A well known resort at NDID with a chalet design recently completed, showing until Mid-March is a rather unique exhibition across this most glamorous resort. Armed with the show maps downloaded from their website charting the works across the resort, slip on your snow shoes and leave your skis at home for the day. This site-specific exhibition, as the title suggests is mostly outside, and each piece defined by the landscape they inhabit.

Elevation 1049 is the first in a series of site-specific exhibitions created out of the specifics of time and place, curated by Neville Wakefield and Olympia Scarry and produced by the Luma& Foundation, a non-profit organisation supporting designers and artists. Taking place in and above Gstaad, the exhibition has been curated using only Swiss artists. Held in the midst of winter, it is the beautiful alpine landscape that really sets the scene for this unique exhibition.

Why Gstaad? Although the curators are based together in New York, it’s Olympia who holds close ties to Gstaad. Olympia’s children’s book illustrator grandfather lived and worked in Gstaad, and so both Olympia and Neville have spent alot of time in the resort over the years. Their aim is to celebrate Swiss artists over this past decade. Many of whom no longer live there but still have strong roots to their country. Elevation 1049 is a celebration of the countries artists and give alternative opportunity to create works for a non gallery environment.

The show has been produced as a journey of discovery, some pieces and installations are quite clear such as the pieces in the railway centre or main street, whilst others are more challenging and you’ll certainly need a map and compass.

Participating artists include, but are not limited to Oliver Mosset, Pipilotti Rist, Christian Marclay, Mia Marfurt and Hannah Weinberger. Elevation 1049 will be on view January 27 through March 8, 2014 and will be free and open to the public.


Stefan Altenburger


Kilian Ruthemann


Sylvie Fleury


Mai-Thu Perret


Alexandra Bachzetsis

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