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Trollstigen, or ‘Trolls Ladder’ has been regarded as one of Norway’s most spectacular tourist areas, and the surrounding area, is amongst the most popular attractions in the country. One of five architectural projects along the Geiranger-Trollstigen tourist route, is this scenic space in western Norway. Trollstigen is dramatically perched within a dramatic pass between deep fjords that characterize this particular region of Norway.


The development, a public park in Romsdalen, Geiranger Fjord, was commissioned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the design by RRA (Reiulf Ramstad Architects). Quite an immense achievement considering the arctic weather conditions during the winter months. So dangerous in fact that Trollstigen is open to the public only in the summer months.

Respectful to the surrounding environment, the project has been designed with the weather at the for  front of the design and construction. With up to seven metres of snow fall in the winter months, the buildings needed to be structurally minimal with low maintenance requirements and low static stresses. The weight of the snow on these structures, bridges and viewing stations could prove catastrophic with the winter months, and so the buildings have been constructed accordingly.

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The Visitor Centre above

The viewing station below


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