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Yesterday evening we attended the preview of ‘Boro, Threads of Life’ in the East Wing at Somerset House. This Japanese textile tradition of indigo patched textiles, usually clothing and bedcovers stems back to the rural population of Japan who couldn’t afford to buy new when need required, and had to literally make ends meet by piecing and patching old cotton to existing cloth. Using fishermans jackets to futon covers, pieces were handed down through the families, patched and added to as the years went on. Each piece intertwined with stories through the threads.

Now Boros are seen to have a significant status, with 40 pieces on display this month at the gallery. Curated by antiquarians Gordon Reece and Philippe Boudin, it’s a fascinating exhibition to visit.

Somerset House, East Wing Galleries, East Wing. Free admission 2-26th April 2014.

Nicky’s World 2014

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