TRAVEL: Inspired by my family holiday to Namibia


Last month, just a few days before Easter I joined my husband and boys on a mini adventure in Africa. After a night in Cape Town where I met up with my family who’d arrived a few days earlier, we headed to Namibia with some friends for the most extraordinary adventure. I left completely refreshed and inspired.

Namibia is a country of surprising contrasts, we climbed the tallest sand dunes by day and by night tracked wildlife in the most remote parts of the wilderness, it was a magical holiday.

As you can see from the photograph above, some nights were spent camping above our vehicles, (quite the experience!) and other nights we stopped off in local lodges and camps along the way. Here are just a few images that I wanted to share…


My time away reminded me of a recent Safari collection by Ralph Lauren, Desert Modern. Some of my favourite pieces are below mixed in with some accessories from the Ile Saint-Louis and Point Dume collections…

RL Home NW

NW NDID Ralph Lauren



Our friend above, taking himself off for a little stroll before we got the fire going that evening…


Miles and miles of sun drenched landscapes…

Namibia NDID

My son, above.


Our little home for one of the nights…


Nicky's World

So there you are, just a snapshot of my Easter holiday, with some new inspiration along the way…

Nicky’s World – May 2014
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