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Christian Burchard, Another Literary Dynasty #12, C13, Bleached Madrone Burl, 35.6 x 66 x 43.2 - £5,400

The Sarah Myerscough Gallery was established in London’s West End in 1998 as a space for both emerging and established British Artists. The gallery has captured our attention recently because of their exquisitely curated exhibits of painting, photography and particularly contemporary craft and design.

The gallery’s ethos lies in selecting traditionally skilled based artists that produce contemporary, innovative design and craft objects. Representing international artists who produce museum-quality craft and design in wood, ceramics and furniture, below we wanted to share some works that have particularly captured our eye.

Christian Burchard, White Baskets 3, 2014, Bleached Madrone Burl, 20 x 36 x 36 cm - £4,400 lo res

Christian Burchard, White Baskets 3, Bleached Madrone Burl, £4,400

(1st image) Another Literary Dynasty, 12 c13 Bleached Madrone Burl, £5,400

Furniture maker turned craftsman Christian Burchard created these first two bodies of work at his Cold Mountain Studio in South Oregon, USA. Using primarily local Pacific Madrone Burl wood, Burchard exploits the wood’s natural properties, particularly it’s sensuous textures. The result of his work leaves each piece with it’s own character, and by grouping pieces together the series develops a familial quality to the works.

Anthony Bryant, Large Ash, Bark Rim C14, 2014, Ash, 55 x 50 £3,400 Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Anthony Bryant, Large Ash, Bark Rim C14, Ash, £3,400

Returning to woodturning in 2012 after an eight-year sabbatical, Cornish based artist Anthony Bryant produces extraordinary vessels using local timbers including holly, walnut and ash. Beginning with wet blocks of wood and using a lathe to begin his process, the vessels then dramatically warp during the drying process creating these striking forms. Recognised as one of Britain’s most accomplished woodturners, the artist comments, ‘I am not concerned with function in my work. Instead, I prefer to explore the sculptural potential of the vessel at the physical limits of my woodturning. My aim is to create powerful forms with poise and presence.’

Friedemann Buehler, Vessel WL:28, C14, 2014, white limed ash wood, 42.5 x 47 x 44 cm, £2,950 lo res

Friedemann Buehler, Vessel WL28, C14, 2014 White Limed Ash Wood, £2950

Perfect flowing lines, and gracefully smooth surfaces are Buehler’s signature. Using mostly oak and ash, his materials are sourced from the forests of Hohenlohe, a small region in the northern part of Germany. After selecting the felled trees the artist immediately saws the wood into rough planks which are then soaked in water. The wood is turned wet and finally dried.

Buehler’s subtle balance between nature and art echoes through the circular movement of the turning process. His work is complex and time consuming, and a testament to his skill as an artist and craftsman.

Gareth Neal, 3 Drawer George, 2013. Ash, 109 x 81 x 51 cm, Edition of 10, £19,800

Gareth Neal, 3 Drawer George, 2013, Ash. Edition of 10. £19,800

This piece by British designer Gareth Neal caught our eye because it reminded us of the tracks a snow plough makes on the slopes. Of course we have all things Alpine on our mind most of the time. The first edition of this incredible piece was acquired by the V&A in 2013.

Neal’s furniture design practice was established in 2002. Specialising in the production of unique pieces, his practice combines the technical modes of 3D computer drawing and CNC processes. When describing his inspiration behind this chest the designer comments:

‘Contained within the contemporary rectilinear oak chest of drawers, is the ghost of its past, a 1780’s George III commode. Through a series of rectilinear cuts the commode is hidden within as though through the erosion of time the fossil of it’s past begins to be revealed.’

Gareth Neal, 3 Drawer George, 2013. Ash, 109 x 81 x 51 cm, Edition of 10, £19, 800 Detail 2

Thomas Bohle

After years of working in the medicinal industry, Thomas Bohle became a ceramicist in the early 90’s. His technical interest lies in double walled vessels, in which the strongly differing exterior and interior shapes form a deliberate contrast, in both form and colour. His works are fired in an open reduction flame, where the oxblood and celadon glazes reveal their true beauty.

Thomas Bohle

‘Working with clay is an erotic process, not knowing where it will lead me I cannot help but roll with the tide. The ever-changing soft material keeps changing, reacting to every movement of mine, subtle as it may be and reflects my inner mood. After firing, it lures me into feeling its surface. The attraction remains forever.’

Thomas Bohle

Thomas Bohle

Four of his works that particularly captured us are:

Nr 1, C14 Ceramic POA

Nr 3, C14 Ceramic £7900

Nr 2, DD13 Ceramic £2500

Nr 4, C14 Ceramic £1950


Sarah Myserscough Gallery, 15-16 Brook’s Mews, London, W1K 4DS

Photography c/o Sarah Myerscough Gallery

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