The Mountain Village of Saas Fee, Switzerland

Winter, our busiest time of the year. It’s install after install during November and early December, darting across The Alps on a weekly basis.  It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the builders completing their handovers as the trucks arrive from the UK filled to the brim with our carefully curated collections of new and old furniture. Artworks and precious lighting must be installed carefully and precisely, in just a matter of days before the client handover, it’s easy to get worked up into quite a frenzy.

Time after time though, to see the look on our clients faces when they walk through the doors to their new dream chalet, the blood, sweat and tears makes it all worthwhile. It’s often at this time, we can take a step back ourselves and take it all in.

Following a recent installation in the Swiss mountain resort of Saas Fee, we asked our photographer Philip Vile to take a morning to explore the resort and capture some of the local farmhouses and outhouses which initially sparked our interest during our site visit the previous year.

Up until the 14th Century there was only one community in the Saas Valley, Saas. Four villages arose out of Saas, one of those four is Saas Fee, also known as “The Pearl of The Alps” which is the most renowned, and home to our latest project.

The Saas Valley is distinguished by 350km of hiking trails and 150km of pistes of all levels of difficulty making it a popular family resort during both the winter and summer months.

Throughout Saas Fee you will notice many wooden buildings which called ‘raccards’. They served as granaries which were built above ground and are supported by wooden stilts. These food stores were built in such a way to prevent mountain animals and rodents from gaining access to the grain and fodder reserves. Many of these raccards still remain and form a strong visual throughout the resort and pistes beyond.


Come back soon to see our Saas Fee winter retreat feature.

Nicky’s World – December 2016