PFD Skis / Handmade Bamboo Freestyling Skis

In 2012 Pure Freeride Design (PFD) was born out of a young designer’s passion for quality craftsmanship coupled with an equal passion for skiing.

PFD began its journey in a purpose built workshop, driven towards creating the perfect blend of materials, design, and a ‘no gimmick’ attitude to freeride skiing. Every detail is planned and executed to deliver the highest standards of performance and aesthetic, with zero margin for compromise.

At the heart of PFD is founder Rupert Gammond’s dedication to the careful production of bespoke handcrafted skis, every set made to order for a limited number of passionate skiers each year.

After finishing a product design degree, Rupert Gammond, founder of Pure Freeride Design, went straight to the mountains. Over the course of 6 seasons, both passions of creativity and freeride skiing merged together to produce fresh, purposeful designs with a pure, minimal approach.

The following two years were dedicated to development,using the best possible materials to create a range of prototypes.

Working with contributors in Sweden, Japan, and France built upon the success of the unique designs, shaping them into something truly original.


The carbon neutral and responsibly sourced bamboo contributes to over 70% of the skis construction. The combined strength to weight ratio and consistency enables us to simplify and take a streamline approach to the skis construction.

The search for the highest quality materials from around the globe has always been an essential role since day one.



Simply choose from three designs, the All Mountain Charger, Big Mountain Charger or the Powder Charger.

Prices start at £960. Click here for further information

Images Tom Cockram & PFD Skis

Nicky’s World February 2017