Inspired By // Fashion Altitude in Grenoble, France

Although this exhibition closed earlier this month, we couldn’t let this fascinating exhibition pass without a few words on our blog. Celebrating mountain fashions from the 18th century to the present day. 

The exhibition presented the evolution of the silhouette of the origins of the practice of winter sports to the present day through illustrations, clothes, accessories, magazines, films and photographs.

At the beginning of 20th century, there was no specific suit for the mountain. A few testimonies show outfits made of wool for the tobogganing competitions but winterers (as they were referred to), and some families of European aristocracy or high finance, improvised outfits according to their imagination. 

Versions of hunting clothes or outdoor sports, combined with brightly colored woollens, were the only alternatives. The years between the two wars however revaled inventions with the creation of pieces dedicated to the mountain like the anorak and the down jacket in particular.

Synthetic textiles, developed during the Second World War, launched a real revolution by enabling the realization of ever more efficient garments while the tourism industry developed mountain recreation. 

The combination of a new culture in tourism and ready-to-wear clothing allowed access to winter sports to as many people as possible. Technological advances has continued to develop over the last decade making alpine fashion a highly lucrative industry. 

The exhibition closed in March 2017 and was held at Le Couvent Sainte-Cécile, Grenoble, France

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