Milan Design Week 2017-2018 // Hermès Collection for the Home

The presentations by Hermés Home during Salone de Mobile in Milan are always an event to visit. This year a new series of decorative objets, furniture, tableware and fabrics were presented with one common link, a history to the brands traditional artistry.

Leather makes sense because it makes the link, in the new collections of objects and furniture for the home. Its use re-engages with the first act of the saddler and harness-maker, it dresses objects as it dressed the horse. More precisely, the leather today reveals the objects as formerly it exposed the body of the horse.

Renowned for their finesse, Hermès harnesses relieved the animal of the ceremonial trappings that concealed it and hampered its movements.

Combined here with light maple wood, lacquer, wicker, crystal or metal, leather rediscovers this original act. It reveals more than it masks, it structures the object more than it decorates. As a strap, it underlines the transparency of a vase whose dimensions it shapes. As a bridle, it configures the disorientating geometry of the Groom attelé, an indoor harness designed to hold, hang or hook. As sheathing, it offers all of its softness and warmth to the hands that push the Diligence, a serving trolley in wickerwork and wood. And this is perhaps the most important aspect of this art de vivre: to appeal to the senses, to give pleasure, to feel good at home.

In homage to the house’s first métier, as a harness and saddle maker, it is the bridle’s motif and design that inspired this collection. The same stitches, the same fastenings as the original object, each time a metamorphosis. Combined with maple, lacquer, crystal, wicker or metal, bridle leather with its raw edges and natural underside, plays a humble but vital role, drawing the shape, sculpting the use, revealing the function.

Objects include a coat hanger, a log basket, a wine rack. Alongside them, a brain-teaser conceived from a bit invites us to pull the bridle out from the metal, while a perpetual calendar below knots and unknots the loops of time.

All designed by Studio Hermès in collaboration with Guillaume Delvigne and Damian O’Sullivan

ATTELAGE writing desk in natural oak and fawn Hermés bull calf L 85 × W 52 × H 72.2 cm L331/2 ×W201/2 ×H283/8in.

PICOTIN occasional table in natural maple, fawn Hermés bull calf and natural woven wicker H55.2×Ø45.4cm–H213/4 ×Ø177/8in.

CENTREPIECE natural maple and brick bridle leather L40×W40×H8cm–L153/4 ×W153/4 ×H31/8in.

The Équipages d’Hermès collection which includes this centrepiece and occasional table above is based on a simple idea. Each piece of furniture has its use. Objects of savoir-faire, as sophisticated as they are discreet, each of these unusual forms holds its own secret. Luminous and sensual leather lining a stool that doubles as a hiding place, the oak writing desk above can be adapted at will. Playing with the harmonics of leather and wood, bringing in wickerwork and brass, these valet pieces, accessories to daily life, light-heartedly punctuate the living space and invite one to enjoy them in a variety of ways.

WINE RACK wicker and brick bridle leather L22×W20×H20cm–L85/8 ×W77/8 ×H77/8in.

LOG BASKET natural maple, brick bridle leather, wicker and toile H fabric L100×W47×H35cm L393/8 ×W181/2 ×H133/4in.

VASES Saint-Louis crystal and brick bridle leather small model: H 26 × Ø 20 cm – H 101/4 × Ø 77/8 in. largemodel:H37×Ø16cm–H141/2 ×Ø61/4in.

 AES COFFEE TABLE cast bronze L 160 x l 90 x H 36.5 cm L63×W353/8 ×H143/8 in.

A pure, pared-down line, an ancestral material. Cast in bronze, in a single-use mould, this coffee table has the look of a metal girder, a rail, powerfully structuring the space in which it resides. Reduced to the purest line, this piece designed by the British studio of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby seems to absorb all the light to throw it back with greater brilliance. Behind its apparent austerity, this monolith indulges in some skilful illusions through the detail of the matt material and the waxed patina of its surface. Its edges are so polished they could be finished in leather.


 Hermés Milan Design Week Presentation 2017 #hermeshome #hermesonthewall Photography: Maud Rémy-Lonvis, Studio des fleurs, ArtOfCol

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