Inspired by // Ceramicist Rina Minardi

Many interior designers who visit the bi-annual Maison Objet in Paris will know of the Italian ceramist Rina Menardi’s work. Collectors and ceramic fans will instantly recognise a Rina Menardi piece for her finely made muted baked stoneware designs. 

Since 1980, Rina Menardi has been developing her research into the field of ceramics, personalising techniques, exploring colour schemes, and striving for neatness of shape. Through this work, Rina Menardi has been creating collections of living accessories, vessels, totem vases, bowls and vases, all hand-made stoneware pieces.

Always characterised by simple lines and inspired by nature, moving far from the style of so many mass-produced items, and never limiting her designs to a single purpose, Menardi’s philosophy is that an object should not impose itself, but rather suggest a visual and tactile sensation which should be able to evoke our own thoughts on each piece. 

“ Clay allows me to give a three-dimensional shape to the here and now me. It is a way of communicating with myself, and therefore with others. I simply strive to respect the natural surfacing of things that are already within us”.

Below are designs presented at the 2017 Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy


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Nicky’s World June 2017