Discovering Sculptor Sean Henry

Last week (14th June 2017) saw the unveiling of Sculptor Sean Henry’s Man on the Moors figure at Castledon Ring near Westerdale, in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to share some images and offer an insight into an artist that Nicky is particularly fond of. 

Sean Henry was born in Woking, England in 1965, and graduated in ceramic sculpture from Bristol in 1987, his first exhibition in London in 1988.

Henry was the first sculptor to win the Villiers David Prize in 1998, and has had more than 30 solo shows during his career. His work is regularly exhibited by galleries in London, New York, Stockholm, Bad Homburg, and Brussels, and his sculptures can now be found in public collections in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, USA and elsewhere.


This current work is accessible to the public in the North Yorkshire Moors and was commissioned by the David Ross Foundation. 

The artist at work in his Studio, the sculpture measures a giant 3m x 1.9m x 1.6m.


SEATED FIGURE, 2016 Charcoal on paper 70 x 100 cm
SEATED FIGURE 2016 Bronze, oil paint 96 x 64 x 46cm Edition of 6

Henry’s public works include Walking Man (image below) in London’s Holland Park (2000), Man With Potential Selves in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (2003) and Walking Woman (2008) editions of which can be found in London, Oslo, Bad Homburg (Germany) and most recently Colchester, Essex (2017).

The artist completed the UK’s first permanent offshore sculpture in 2007, a critically acclaimed 13m high by 20m wide sculpture located 300 meters off the coast of Northumberland, at Newbiggin Bay. More recent permanent installations include Standing Man in Stockholm city (2010) and Lying Man at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Michigan, USA (2011).  The arrival of his new 3m Seated Figure on the North Yorkshire Moors was unveiled as we mentioned this June 2017. 


From the 11th August – 5th November an extensive exhibition of over 25 sculptures created by Sean Henry will run at The Lightbox Gallery & Museum in Woking, Surrey, UK from August to November.

The solo exhibition will take place both in the main gallery space of The Lightbox, and across various locations running through the centre of Woking, from the national train station over half a mile through Jubilee Square & the Peacock Centre to The Lightbox. For more information click here


Images c/o Sean Henry Studio


Nicky’s World June 2017