July Book of the Month // The Arctic Melt by Diane Tuft for Assouline

News this month, July 2017, of an iceberg twice the size of Luxembourg breaking off the Antarctic ice shelf was a sharp reminder of the dramatic climate changes happening in our lifetime. 

Satellite data confirmed a ‘calving’ of a one trillion-tonne, 5,800 sq km iceberg from the Larsen C ice shelf which is now adrift in the Weddell Sea is an event that researchers say has changed the landscape of the Antarctic peninsula forever. 

“There is enough ice in Antarctica that if it all melted, or even just flowed into the ocean, sea levels would rise by 60 metres,” said Martin Siegert, professor of geosciences at Imperial College London and co-director of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change & Environment. 

An opportune moment for us to share our July Book of the Month by Assouline, The Arctic Melt by mixed media artist and photographer Diane Tuft

Earning a degree in mathematics at the University of Connecticut before continuing her studies in art at Pratt Institute in New York. Tuft has always been fascinated by the mystery of what exists beyond the visible, capturing her sights through her camera, often travelling to the world’s most remote places to do so.

This new book showcases her breathtaking and visually astounding journey to capture the ice in the Arctic Circle before the constant melt renders the once frozen landscape unrecognisable.

It features photographs of the North Pole, the mountain glaciers of Svalbard, Norway, and the icebergs and ice sheet of Greenland. In a new take on illustrating the effects of global warming, and with more than fifty stunning photographs, The Arctic Melt chronicles Tuft’s journey through the disappearing passages of our decades ice thaw. 

Above, Tuft’s explorations flying over the Labrador Sea Greenland. You can follow Tuft’s journal of her expeditions here.

Tuft has had solo exhibitions at Marlborough Gallery, Ameringer-Yohe Gallery, and Pace Gallery in New York City, as well as The Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah. Tuft’s work can be found in the permanent collection of The Whitney Museum of American Art and The International Centre of Photography in New York City, as well as numerous private collections and museums throughout the US. Tuft lives and works in New York City.


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