August Book of the Month // Tree Houses by Philip Jodidio for Taschen

For all the many weeks spent in the Alps during the spring and summer months overseeing our project sites, it’s not hard to begin to dream of the potential structures that could be built in the surrounding woodlands around our projects. To see the French and Swiss Alps that NDID know so well without the snow is really quite a magical site.

The idea of climbing a tree for shelter, or just to see the earth from another perspective, is as old as humanity.

This not so recent Taschen edition (first published back in 2013) caught our eye this month for exactly that reason. our recent interest in tree top structures. We are invited to take a tour of some of the finest arboreal adventures with 50 of the most beautiful, inventive, and enchanting tree houses around the world. Each beautifully photographed and narrated.

From romantic to contemporary, from famed architects to little-known craftsmen, we can scale the heights via this book to visit all manner of treetop structures, from a teahouse, restaurant, hotel (above), and children’s playhouse to simple perches from which to contemplate life, enjoy the view, and discover that tree houses take as many forms as the imagination can offer.

With an abundance of gorgeous photographs and illustrations, this is an ode to alternative living, where playful imagination meets eco-sensitive finesse.

We definitely have some new thoughts for our next holiday…

Tree Houses, Fairy Tale Castles in the Air by Philip Jodidio for Taschen, Hardcover, 14 x 19.5 cm, 544 pages – Images c/o Taschen

ISBN 978-3-8365-6187-7
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German

Nicky’s World August 2017