Mountain Design Inspiration // La Cabane Perchée

La Cabane Perchée was started by Alain Laurens, cabin designer Daniel Dufour, and master guild joiner Guislain Andre, who directs the workshop. Premier builder of Tree Houses across France, La Cabane Perchée has made over 500 cabins in the last fifteen years.

Each Tree House is unique since the host tree dictates available space and design. When engaging in a potential commission, you are required to submit full details of your cabin plot (circumference of your tree trunk, the terrain and species of the tree amongst other specifics) and only then will La Cabane Perchée  visit you to work out your project, and supply a drawn rendition. The visit and drawings are included in the cost of your commission should you proceed, otherwise they will cost 1,200€ (ex-VAT) in France.

The Tree House will be entirely custom-built in their workshops, and delivered and assembled on location by their team. All this is done without pruning any branch, nor nailing anything into the wood, which is quite something when you take a look through these photographs.

This Jacuzzi Cabin proposal features a 12 sq/m terrace amongst a tree house surface of 22 sq/m. 

This Fisherman’s Cabin was designed and built for a client in Volga, Russia. The cabin was designed to withstand the below freezing temperatures whilst offering safe shelter inside.

This Pommery Lodge (or tree house) was built in Paris at the Grand Palais on teh occasion of the “Art of the Garden” exhibition. It was made from red cedar timber and measures 15m high.

After its four day viewing it was then disassembled and erected in the “Domaine National de Jarras” where visitors can enjoy it day and night.


This next extraordinary cabin, well Temple, was designed for a private client near Chartres in France. The floating platform measures 100sq/m. A very private peaceful hideaway for quiet contemplation.


Now for something a little more out of this world. Imagine the most unique tree house, a design that uses every pieces of the companies 15 year building history, a cabin that reaches for the stars, this was the dream for SkyNest.

This is a multi-faced structure in laminated red cedar that gives the impression that it never stops climbing. These links span a central barrel that can accommodate a spiral staircase, or even a lift for the lazy. The base is formed of laminated larch beams, dovetailed horizontally and bolted vertically.

You will climb all the way up for the stars, and while you are at it, watch them five ways. The room, with its enormous wrap-around glass bay, looks to the landscape in Cinemascope.
 Nothing blocks the views of this still conceptual cabin.

Skynest is a unique concept that can be built as a nest atop one’s property, or to offer a hotel resort the best of honeymoons.


Imagine nestling away here for the weekend at Hotel Château Valmer. Perched in a century old oak tree in the Château de Valmer park and 3m above the ground the tree house features a double bedroom, a second small bedroom, living room, bathroom and large terrace.


Just a small selection of a few of our favourite cabins by La Cabane Perchée. Their website offers an area where you can sleep in their clients’ spaces, just click here for the link.

Alternatively, you might recognise some of their published coffee table books, click here for the link to see the collection.

La Cabane Perchée website

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