Creative Cloth // Eleanor Pritchard

This week we are happy to share the work of Eleanor Pritchard design. Eleanor’s studio makes beautiful woven woollen blankets and cushions, perfect for our chalet projects.

Eleanor’s signature style is characterised by pared-back geometric reversible patterns. Eleanor’s patterns combine chalky and cross-hatched neutrals, sharp accents and deep inky tones. 

This photograph was taken by Eleanor on her visit to the Isle of Bute where most of her fabrics are produced. This little green spool makes the leno selvedge threads at either edge of the fabric. 

The Signal Blanket, referencing sound waves and radio transmission, this pattern has a strong graphic quality and a reversible design. Shop here.

Their aesthetic is clean and contemporary with a nod to British mid-century design. Her studio has collaborated with The Royal Academy, Monocle, Isokon, Margaret Howell, The Tate and Modus.

Above, The Sourdough Blanket Woven made using undyed British yarn in a blend of Welsh Mountain, Jacob and Suffolk Lowland wool.

Each fabric collection starts from their London studio where they storyboard each idea, and develop the palette, pattern, texture and colours before sampling begins at their mill on the Isle of Bute. 

The woollen blankets are woven on shuttle looms at a traditional mill in West Wales.

“We value the expertise and history behind the mills we work with, and feel that these qualities give our fabrics a strong sense of integrity and place.”

Canasta blanket and cushion


The Broadchalke cushion is named after a village in the Wiltshire Chalke Valley. The dimpled texture in the ‘half and half’ cushions is created through the interplay of the unique characteristics of the natural wool and linen yarns.

See all colourways of Ariel Collection here.

The Ariel and Belmont designs above

The 405 Line Blanket below is a monochrome reversible design referencing early television technology, and draws its name from the number of scanning lines for analogue black and white TV transmission. 

Eleanor Pritchard Studio will be participating in the Cockpit Arts Summer Open Studios between 15 – 17 June 2018 –

Studio 300, Cockpit Arts
18-22 Creekside
London SE8 3DZ