Book of the Month // Axel Verdvoort The Story of a Style

We rarely present other designers’ books in our book of the month feature, but Axel Verdvoort will always be an exception. This gorgeous book will be an inspiration to anyone interested in a home that is elegant and personal without being ostentatious.

Verdvoort’s attention to detailing, finishes and selecting the best possible materials for each of his projects are always noted in our studio. His attention to scale and sympathetic use of materials old and new are beautifully balanced in every space.

Axel Verdvoort is one of the world’s most emulated taste­makers, celebrated for his capti­vatingly minimalist interiors, always creating spaces with a serene sense of history and timelessness.

The designer began his career as an art and antiques dealer in the late 1960s, when he meticulously renovated a narrow street with sixteen of the oldest houses in Antwerp.

In 1986, his company moved to a castle near Antwerp, where he became a major collector and decorator. The foundation of Vervoordt’s style is his commitment to making the past a relevant part of today’s design. ‘Etre heureux en rendant heureux’

This adage translates roughly as finding happiness through creating happiness, Vervoordt’s favourite saying.

It expresses his studio’s vision and commitment to inspire artists and audiences through discovering and transmitting the beautiful, with a deep respect for everything that is authentic.

This Assouline publication is by no means new, the first edition was printed back in 2011 but remains perfectly current in the design stakes.

The author Meredith Etherington-Smith is editor in chief of Christie’s Magazine, and was a contributing editor of House & Garden, she writes on taste and style for many publications in Europe and America.

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