Book of the Month // 100 Contemporary Wood Buildings

Our Book of the Month this summer is a double volume book that travels the globe to investigate one of the greatest renaissances in architecture, wood. How has this ancient, elemental material come to steal the show at luxury hot spring structures and cutting-edge urban renewal schemes?

With 100 projects from China, Chile, and everywhere in between, this international survey explores the technical, environmental, and sensory elements that have inspired both rising talents and established stars to turn to timber.

Not so long ago, some might have considered wood a material of the past, long since replaced by more modern components such as concrete and steel. The truth is radically different. Bolstered by new manufacturing techniques and ecological benefits, wood has seen a fabulous resurgence in contemporary construction.

This publication explores how architects around the world have created and invented with this elementary material. Featuring follies, very large buildings, and ambitious cityscape schemes, it celebrates the diverse deployment of wood by architects around the world. 

We see how wood can at once transform urban spaces, as in the Metropol Parasol in Seville by Jürgen Mayer H., and allow for sensitive interventions in natural environments, such as at the Termas Geométricas Hot Springs Complex in Pucón, Chile, by Germán del Sol.

True to all TASCHEN architecture tomes, the book pays tribute to many emerging international talents as well as to such renowned figures as Tadao Ando to Renzo Piano. It celebrates each architect’s vision and innovation, as well as investigating the techniques, trends, and principles that have informed their work with wood.

It examines the computer guided milling that has allowed for novel new forms, the responsible harvesting that allows wood to align with our environmental concerns, and, above all, wood’s enduring appeal to our senses and psyche, comforting hectic modern lives with a sense of Arcadian simplicity.

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Images and press release c/o Taschen

Nicky’s World August 2018