Bethan Laura Wood for Moroso at London Design Week

Mono Mania Mexico is a textile installation with jacquard fabrics, prints, carpets, tapestries, vases and furniture designed by Bethan Laura Wood.

‘When I first visited Mexico City in 2013, I was exposed to a whole other palette,’ says designer Bethan Laura Wood. This comment may seem surprising, coming from someone known for her flamboyant use of colour not only in her work but also in her dress. Inspired by Mexico City’s architecture and fabrics, the British designer has now created a collection of bright, boldly patterned woven jacquard textiles and rugs for Italian furniture brand Moroso. 

‘I was heavily influenced by the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, an incredible Seventies church with angled stained-glass windows,’ says Bethan. ‘There is so much beautiful architecture around the city, from Thirties Aztec art deco buildings to old Catholic churches. I love the layering.’ She worked with Italian fabric house Limonta on the textiles. 

Another inspiration was central Mexico’s traditional Otomi embroidery. ‘I first saw the pieces at a textile fair in Oaxaca,’ Bethan says. ‘They are full of rainbow colours and animals but have a real sophistication and I wanted to do something similar.’ 

For the presentation in Moroso’s showroom, Bethan has shared her personal obsessions with the skilled team from Limonta, using a variety of textile processes and applications to explore the crossover between hand-craft and mass-production.

Her new textiles will be applied to a taster of her future furniture collection with Moroso with triple leg detail in reference to the amazing Aztec deco movement. New hot coloured Vases by Bitossi will decorate the space with tropical foliage, and carpets woven with cactus and recycled saris will decorate the walls.

Tapestry, 2018 jacquard: polyester/cotton

Carpets 2018 Golran for Moroso cactus fibre and silk 200×300 cm

The first part of the collection was on show at Milan Design Week earlier this year, but the full range can be seen in the exhibition Mono Mania Mexico (September 15–23) at Moroso’s London showroom as part of Clerkenwell Design Quarter. 7–15 Rosebery Avenue, EC1.

Images c/o Moroso

September 2018 Nickys World