October Book of the Month // Ralph Lauren 50 Years

One of the world’s greatest designers, Ralph Lauren has transcended fashion to create an entire lifestyle of aspirational yet attainable fashion, accessories, housewares, fragrances and furniture. Fast forward 50 years and Ralph Lauren is the head of a global empire with a personal fortune of nearly $6 billion.

For our Book of the Month, we have chosen this revisited and enriched edition of Ralph Lauren’s famous book presenting the cinematic inspirations and singular vision that have defined Ralph Lauren’s universe for five decades. 

Featuring more than 950 photos and illustrations from Mr. Lauren’s personal collection, as well as his most influential advertising campaigns and intimate reflections on his life and work, Ralph Lauren 50 Years is the latest volume of the iconic American designer.

Ralph Lauren is a visual diary, a personal scrapbook of sorts as well as one of the most unpretentious and intimate stories assembled by the author who happens to be the namesake of his eponymous brand. When reading, and yes it must be read for full appreciation, the reader might feel as if Ralph is sitting there speaking to you and just relating the stories of his life”

New York Journal Of Books

“I break the rules to expand the thinking about what we wear. Most men don’t have the luxury of expressing their individuality this way. They are constrained by the business environment or by what is considered acceptable. I believe in dressing appropriately; you don’t need to challenge the system, but you need to express your individual taste. If a suit is called for then express your taste through its cut, through the patterns of the shirt and tie. In any environment, it’s the personal details that become the truest form of self-expression.”

From African safaris to English country estates and Tribeca lofts to Jamaican villas, this book will transport you into a Ralph’s world, a world in which we would certainly be most comfortable.

You can purchase the book via Amazon here.

Images c/o RL

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