Stephen Antonson at his Brooklyn Atelier

Plaster was the prized medium of some of the early 20th century’s most celebrated designers, among them Jean Michel Frank, Serge Roche and Giacometti. Today, celebrated plaster artisan Stephen Antonson, crowned the master of plaster by Architectural Digest, reintroduces the age-old medium to the interior design trade in his collection of lighting and accessories.

Working out of his Brooklyn, New York atelier, Antonson creates every piece by hand. He paints plaster onto his designs in layers with a brush, then meticulously sculpts and sands it repeatedly to achieve the desired sculptural forms.

A classically trained sculptor and painter, the engaging designer taps into his broad knowledge of these disciplines to inform his work. He has recently added bronze to his offerings. Antonson welcomes collaboration and has worked with dozens of clients to create original one-of-a-kind, custom pieces.

You can sculpt it, paint it, colour it, tint it, sand it and even carve it. Plaster is like unlike any other material i’ve ever used”.

Trained in sculpture and painting, Antonson became hooked on the chalky material over a decade ago, when a magazine editor friend came back from Paris raving about the Surrealist plaster furniture and lamps made during the 1930’s. Antonson crafted similar designs at her request and then he says, “I started making things for my wife and me”. 

Today the firm is a one man band, juggling commissions from high-end interior designers, to everything that comes with running a workshop and successful studio.

Above, Holiday House, designed by Ayssa Kapito Interiors

Xoco, by DDG, designed by Neal Beckstedt Studio, and below a series of Antonson’s mirrors, lighting and furniture.

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October 2018 Nicky’s World