Book of the Month // Cassina as seen by Karl

The world’s most iconic and prolific designer was widely known as the king of fashion, following his passing yesterday (19th February 2019) we wanted to make our own quiet tribute to this iconic creative master.

This beautiful Steidl publication ‘Cassina as seen by Karl’ is our chosen Book of the Month. First issued in 2013 at the launch of the Cassina photography exhibition, but it was re-printed last year and sold out very quickly. We can imagine anything Karl related is going to fly off every shelf over the coming weeks. End of an era as they say…

So back to 2013, the distinguished Italian furniture manufacturing company Cassina, invited Karl Lagerfeld to choose his favourite pieces of furniture for an unusual photographic mise-en-scène.

“I had never ‘worked’ on a project like this before. To visually reinterpret examples of perfect design is completely new for me, and therefore stimulating, exciting even.”

Before Lagerfeld’s lens, iconic chairs, tables and chaise longues by Modernist legends such as Le Corbusier, Rietveld and Perriand condense to their absolute, abstract essence. In his inimitably sleek and sophisticated photographs, Lagerfeld reveals the form in Formalism.

Here furniture is seen in an atypical, decontextualized mode of presentation, detached from its usual environment, isolated and dramatically lit like a sculpture. The result is a carefully chosen series of twenty-one images that respects the artistic intentions of the designers while simultaneously creating a new aesthetic.

‘Zig Zag’ chairs, by Gerrit T Rietveld

Left, ‘Zig Zig’ chair, by Gerrit T Rietveld. Right, ‘Superleggera’ chairs, by Gio Ponti

‘Nuage’ bookcase, by Charlotte Perriand.

Printed on Somerset Book Paper. 21 high-glossy photographs tipped-in by hand.

You can purchase this publication via the Lagerfeld website here.

Lagerfeld often said that his only love in life was his work.

“There is no secret to life,” Lagerfeld said. “The only secret is work. Get your act together, and also, perhaps, have a decent life. Don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t take drugs. All that helps.”

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