The ICE – The International Concours of Elegance 2019

Where the highest level of car collecting comes together in one of the chicest alpine resorts in the World. Vintage Cars are not always hung on walls, or left on display in immaculate car garages.

They are shown, driven and exercised. There are basically two types of Vintage Car events, driving events (racing or touring) and static events (shows, concours or exhibition). A Concours d’Elegance sees a number of cars shown and paraded, usually ranged in categories according to their age or theme, and judged for their elegance and appearance. Concours have generally been organised for decades in hotel resorts, Golf Clubs and such venues, and nearly always in the spring summer or autumn.

Ice and cold took the place of grass and warmth at The Ice which took place this week on Lake Sankt Moritz, and it is clearly one of the most visually stunning car events in the classic car calendar. Friends and previous clients of NDID were in attendance and shared with us this magical weekend that we hope to attend personally one year…

Old cars are generally stored in heated garages in winter, and they are never driven on the road because of salt and the dirt. These cars however were designed and built to be driven all year around, and people used to drive to St. Moritz in winter since the 1930s.

So of course owners can still drive and use them, provided you eliminate the salt problem and use the correct tyres.

The Golden Era is back…

So it was here on the White Turf that’s usually trodden by race and polo horses, around 40 automotive enthusiasts ventured onto the town’s frozen lake to prove their skills at the inaugural International Concours of Elegance, or The Ice for short. Lucky for some…

Nicky’s World March 2019

Photos c/o @theicestmoritz