Visiting the Atelier of Charles Jouffre in Lyon, France

Last weekend we were absolutely thrilled to have been invited over to Lyon to visit the Atelier of French tapissier Jouffre. With ateliers in both Lyon and New York and a showroom in Paris, this master upholstery house and design studio provide the worlds leading interior designers with product development and production services beyond what you can hope to dream be possible. Exacting standards and meticulous attention to detail from conception to installation.

Jouffre’s Lyon workshops where Nicky visited perpetuate the fine tradition of an upholsterers profession. Curtains, cushions, gainage, bedspreads, reproduction and contemporary furniture designs, all crafted by the best artisans.

The product development department, at the heart of Jouffre, has become the strategic location for fine-tuning each project, and an area that most inspired Nicky during her visit.

“Taking as our starting point the sketch of a decorator, interior designer, or product designer, we must be capable of understanding the creative intent. We translate this intent through technical solutions with complete respect for proportions, for the quality of the finishings, and for the required comfort,” explains Charles Jouffre.

In 2006 the award of the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) was offered to the house for a five-year term. The honour was renewed in 2012, symbolising a quest for perpetual perfection.

In 2013 the company stepped up its American presence, moving into a workshop of about 5,400 sq ft and hiring a number of craftsmen. In the space of two years, the New York team headed up by Charles Jouffre’s son Romain, grew from five to eleven staff, who today produce every aspect of the firm’s American projects.

Jouffre’s workshops stand for extensive ancestral savoir-faire and a specific technical prowess devoted to creativity. Their extremely exacting standards of meticulous perfectionism have developed and evolved constantly since their adventure began.

Above one of the teams master upholsterers at work

“The workshop’s atmosphere, the aromas, the colours, the harmonies and the feel of the fabrics have always fascinated me” Charles Jouffre

The seamstresses, all women, glide from table to table, totally at ease in their outsized surroundings. From time to time, several of them cluster around a job in progress, like bees working busily in a hive. The detail of a curtain-heading pleat, or of how a piece of trim is fitted, are subjected to their intensely critical gaze.

Perhaps one of the most recognisable pieces that Jouffre are responsible for producing is Pierre Yovanovitch’s Oops Chair (infact is Oops Collection but you may recognise this chair), available to purchase via The Invisible Collection.

Above a design by Joseph Dirand, produced by Jouffre.

Nicky would like to personally thank Charles Jouffre for an eye opening experience, it’s back to the drawing board for Nicky, and on to her next ND Collection of furniture…

All images c/o Jouffre

March 2019 Nicky’s World