Book of the Month / YOLO Journal

A step away from our usual Book of the Month, today we share news of a new magazine, YOLO Journal, published quarterly by the ex Creative Director of CN Traveller, Yolanda Edwards.

Yolanda shares… “Even though I’ve always worked in travel content, people always ask me for my personal advice— that doesn’t feel like a prescriptive city guide (created with search algorithms in mind, not how people really move through places), and speaks to the way most like to travel (connecting to the feelings/wants people experience when they aren’t on their home turf). Sometimes you want the charming coffee shop in the off the map neighbourhood that Google hasn’t reviewed yet. Sometimes you are looking for something beyond the the newest Michelin recommendation and don’t want to spend hours combing through Instagram location tags to find out where the cool people actually go in the city you are visiting”

Yolanda gathers and edits the best sources and their intel, and features it in a printed quarterly. A woman never not on the move, this beautifully edited magazine will have you booking your next trip away in no time…

The magazine is stocked worldwide, for a full list, click here.

Yolanda keeps the conversation going daily on @yolo.journal

Follow Yolanda’s Instagram here.

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