Maison Matisse

When we were in Paris back in January for Design Week we found ourselves walking through a pretty little courtyard in St Germain that had become home to Maison Matisse’s new earthenware and objet d’art collection for the week. We wanted to share with you the most beautiful collection that we discovered, the music collection.

The Maison recently collaborated on some very special edition pieces with artists and designers including Alessandro Mendini, Jaime Hayon, and the Bouroullec brothers, but it’s their most affordable side to the brand that we really fell for. A simple collection of plates and serving platters inspired by the painting above, ‘La Musique’  painted in 1939.

An avid fan of jazz who was also inspired by Russian ballets and avant-garde pieces, Matisse himself compared his work to that of a composer.

“The painter chooses his colour in the intensity and the value that suits him, like the musician chooses the timbre and volume of his instruments”.

The 14 earthenware pieces of the collection are inspired by the philodendron leaf, the curves of a guitar and a woman’s silhouette. The collection is composed of four serving dishes, three bottles, six plates and a pitcher that transpose the red, green or blue blocks from the original work into three dimensions.

Made entirely by hand in one of the oldest artisanal manufactories in Italy, the collection is the result of exceptional know-how. Created through a process that is as rare as it is demanding, the Maison Matisse ceramic objects preserve the mark of the hand’s movement, reflecting that of the artist’s stroke, and become unique pieces. Just like Matisse’s work, these enduring designer objects were intended to be cherished and passed on to the next generation.

Painted and engraved by hand, these dessert plates are made of earthenware and are covered with a matt varnish giving it a raw appearance which evokes the plastic practice of Henri Matisse. Its pattern is inspired by the variation of the triangular shapes on the sofa in the table.

Sold individually for 130€, the earthenware dessert plate combines perfectly with the other patterns and colours in the series to form a full service. 

The collection will be available to purchase soon via the Maison Matisse webshop.

Images c/o Maison Matisse

Nicky’s World April 2020