Carpenters Workshop Paris – Kaleidoscope A Tribute to Colour

We are so fortunate to have clients who love to collect and showcase such a variety of art and design in their homes. Our series of Instagram posts this week highlight our ‘Inspired by Art’ interiors where a piece of art or objet will take centre stage in its designated space. Whether a contemporary sideboard by the Campana Brothers or an extravagant chandelier, art and design can make a space explode with confidence and personality.

After a short break from our blog, this week we are back sharing an exhibition, virtually of course from the fourth arrondissement in Paris. We are no strangers to the Carpenters Workshop Gallery of works, and this month their space plays host to some of their most iconic pieces, designers and artists.

From Functional Art to Collectible Design, today Carpenters Workshop Gallery produces and exhibits art by international artists or designers, both rising and established, going outside their traditional territories of expression. We wanted to share some of our favourite pieces.

The Dutch born Verhoven Twins created this series of Ca’ d’Oro suspended bubble lights made using borosilicate, glass, iridescent oil, 24 karat gold fixing parts and stainless steel cables back in 2019.

To the right you will recognise Maarten Baas’s series of Clay furniture, also his rocking chair below. Modelled with steel frames and coated in industrial clay, these pieces became a collectors item many years ago.

Stuart Haygarth’s iconic Tide Colour chandelier made in 2005, has been constructed using reused broken and rejected plastic objects that washed up on the beach. There are a limited edition of 10 in the world.

Rick Owens’s Glade Bench is simply made from Plywood and Army blankets, but the price tag is eye watering. Working with craftsmen of the highest caliber, he has developed a collection of pieces that express his signature style in cut, volume, and plan.

Charles Trevelyan is an Australian born, London based designer with a varied aesthetic when it comes to design. We love his aspect series of bronze side tables.

We’ve used a few of the Campana Brothers Sushi series pieces for our projects. This rather fun Sushi mirror pendant reminds us of our icy winters in the Alps. It’s back to the studio for us, we’ve got to see how we can incorporate some of these pieces into our next projects.

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