November Book of the Month // Travels by Design

We read a brilliant phrase this week, ‘armchair tourism’. In a time when we’ve all been forced to stay home, we’re quietly weeping at the lack of exploring we’ve been unable to do this year. You know us, we’re practically unable to sit still come the weekend and annual holidays. Despite Nicky’s regular trips to the Alps for work and potential projects, the Dobree family are highly adventurous and are longing to get back to exploring the globe.

Our chosen book of the month, Travels by Design a new publication by The Design Leadership Network for Assouline is quite possibly as close as we’ll get to seeing exotic locations and bustling city life this year.

An image of Havana, Cuba, featured in Travel by Design by Michael Imber

“Havana is made up of tragically beautiful, ruined buildings, frozen in 1960” Ankie Barnes

Showcasing travel photographs by more than 150 of America’s top architects and designers, Travel by Design is an inspiring guide to the power of travel to shape and expand our world.

Travel by Design is a publication to reminds us of the beauty and importance of travel, with images of more than 100 locations in 60 countries, from exotic destinations and global cities to adventure travels and all American escapes.

Palm Beach, Australia by Jeffrey Alan Marks featured in Travel in Design, by Jeffrey Alan Marks

More than 350 photographs take readers on a global journey through cityscapes, ancient civilisations, luxurious resorts, and stunning natural wonders, all seen through the discerning and artistic eyes of today’s leading creative talents. The images are sure to inspire dreams of escape, and the 40 pages of insider resources, from favourite hotels and restaurants to secret shopping sources and must-see monuments.

The Napali coast of Kauai, an image by Jonathan Hogg

The Amalfi Coast, featured in Travel By Design by Frank Ponterio

Modica City in Sicily by William Brockschmidt

A note from Assouline about the Authors  –  The Design Leadership Network is an organisation of more than 500 principals of design and architecture firms, media companies, and makers of products across the United States and Europe, characterised by their commitment to professional growth, positive leadership, mentorship and contributions to creative communities.

Founder of the Design Leadership Network, Peter Sallick is also the CEO of Waterworks. Editor Michael Boodro is a longtime design journalist and has served as the editor in chief of Elle DecorCulture and TravelMartha Stewart Living and Garden Design.

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All images c/o DLN / Assouline

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