Acclaimed interior designer Nicky Dobree is synonymous with effortless chic.  Having spent the last two decades transforming sumptuous homes across Europe she has been inspired for as long as she can remember.

From a designers dream she brings reality to everyday living.  With her first collection of interior and lifestyle essentials, you can cocoon yourself in luxury while melting away the stress of the day.

Using the finest craftsmen each product has been chosen from the heart.  It is the detail of what you choose to surround yourself with day to day that makes the difference to how you live and to how you feel. The cashmere, bedlinen, throws and Ferme de Moudon Collection is available to purchase here, and the ND Furniture Collection can be viewed via our collaboration with online marketplace for the finest interior designers to showcase their collections, Dering Hall. & Nicky Dobree at Dering Hall

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